Friday, February 28, 2014

Home Alone

Want to know what happens when Hubby leaves me Home Alone with a Computer and Credit Card:

Exactly, a Foyer Full of Boxes!!!    Don't look over your glasses at me!!   It's all your fault!!

Don't you love shopping?  I do.  I love everything about it.   I love window shopping, internet shopping, furniture shopping, accessory shopping.....

Oh Yeah - Guess What -  Shopping can also land you Merchandise Credit, SO you can Shop some More --- WooHoo!!   Look what I got in the Mail today from PotteryBarn.  They Like Me!  :)  


Speaking of Shopping -

My Awesome Fabulous Manager Team gave me a Dwellings Gift Certificate for Christmas.  I am so excited and it is burning a hole in my pocket....I am going to use it to buy a light fixture for my Living Room and I've narrowed it down to 3.....

Which one Should I Pick?

Option A:

Option B:

 Option C:

Also Shopping for New Lamps for the Bedroom -

My Sidekick Likes These Ones:
If you Buy New Lamps then of course you have to Buy New Bedding....Right?

If you Buy New Lamps and Bedding....Then you Need New Chairs for the Sitting Area...Right?

Of Course, You Would also Need a New Table to sit my Diet Coke on Between Those Chairs -

Isn't Shopping Fun....


  1. I vote for option D (the one with the fan). Just sayin' ;-)

  2. Thanks for voting Rickus ....But, there is no longer an option with a Fan....It has to go Sweetie!!